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HK Language Tutor provide a platform for students to find English tutor, Native English tutor, Putonghua tutor, Mandarin tutor, Japanese tutor, Korean tutor, French tutor, German tutor, Spanish tutor, Italian tutor, Russian tutor, Cantonese tutor and etc. Language tutors can also place tutor advertisement free of charge.
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French (Canada) Input Method
  1. WIN XP French (Canada) Input Method Keyboard

  2. Special Characters

    ç / Ç: ] or shift + ]

    à / À: \ or shift + \

    é / É: / or shift + /

    è / È: ' or shift + '

    ù / Ù:right hand side Alt + [ + u / U

    ^: [ + characters

    ‥: shift + [ + characters

English tutor, Mandarin tutor
English tutor, Mandarin tutor


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